Why We Treat Pain Continued

Stubborn pain is to a large extent the body trying to tell you about subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) forms of strain happening in your tissues. We view stubborn pain as a serious and important message from your body about its wellbeing, not only in your now but also potentially in your future. 

We have learned over the years that there’s great value, great physical healing potential, and often great quality of life unlocked by the ability to ‘decode’ these messages and act upon what the body is wanting you to correct. We see all this as pretty important right here and now. We see it as potentially being even more important as we get older.

Today’s niggly knee is too often tomorrow’s knee replacement. Today’s tendency towards rolled ankle on the soccer pitch is often tomorrow career-ending ankle injury.  There are often serious underlying themes of weakness at play in our bodies that have the capacity to affect us later if we can’t address them in a timely fashion. Knowing these facts and being able to help you work preventatively if you need to is a major part of the ‘why’ behind what we do.