Why We Do Rehabilitation Continued

We place great emphasis on the importance of rehabilitation for those who want long term resolution of their pain. This is because we know that ‘pain relief’ is not the same as ‘pain resolution’. If for example, you have a severe weakness in your core, it is likely that your pain will return even after a successful run at pain relief.

There is often a longer term consideration with stubborn pain patients. If you allow the weakness underlying your pain and injuries to go unchecked when you are young there is potentially a big price to pay in terms of freedom, happiness, lifestyle choice, and normal healthy activity later on in life.

Much of what is explained away as ‘old age’ later in life is actually long standing weaknesses that could have been managed extremely well with a small but consistent commitment to the right exercises. These are the weaknesses that contribute to limited quality of life, falls, and even reduced life expectancy in the elderly. There is a mountain of scientific data that supports this observation.

We literally never tire of watching people’s pain steadily reduce as they learn to execute the precise exercises they need to work on their weaknesses. Pain relief is great, it’s what we do and it’s essential, but it can’t compare with the long term benefits of restoring full strength and alignment to tour body with the right exercises.