Whats The Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis Pain


 If you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain you will most likely show up looking like any other case needing treatment for plantar fasciitis pain. Under the surface though you will have a pattern of collagen degeneration, scar tissue build-up and muscle weaknesses that are unique to you! You will also have specific treatment needs that are unique to you, and others that are fairly universal.



 I recently read a research article on the subject of lactic acid build up in elite swimmers. Neither swimming nor lactic acid have much to do with treatment for plantar fasciitis pain but bear with me! 

 The study found that amongst Olympic swimmers there are a percentage who upon finishing their race have incredibly high lactic acid levels in their muscle. By normal standards these individuals should be lying flat on their backs gasping for air, the only thing is they aren’t. With the blood chemistry of crippling exhaustion, they stand and chat amongst themselves while they wait to get their blood taken.

 Interestingly the research data uncovered another group of athletes however, who despite swimming just as far and just as fast upon finishing the race had extremely low lactic levels in their blood. For obvious reasons these characters also are cool and calm after the race.. because they aren’t in much discomfort. 

So, why am I talking about Olympic swimmers when I am not a swim fan and you just want to know how to get out of pain?

 The point of the story is that if we look at these 2 groups of athletes on the surface they seem to be doing the same thing. They all have remarkably similar physiques, remarkably similar techniques in the water and they all swim at a very similar speed. Yet if we peel back the layers of their physiology we can start to get glimpses of the fact that physically they function VERY differently. And the same is true of plantar fasciitis patients !!!! This is why the treatment for plantar fasciitis pain that you need is largely unique to you !



 The pattern of inflammation, weakness and scar tissue that you have developed over time will dictate which type of treatment for plantar fasciitis pain will work for you ! 

 Knowing that this pain relief game is not a 1 size fits all business can really help on the journey ! 

 Whether you come to my clinic in person or use our treatment services remotely (which can be done) or you go to another clinic the basic hallmarks of good plantar fasciitis pain treatment should remain the same. Plantar Fasciitis pain treatment starts with hands on physical treatment of the foot itself to release scar tissue and reduce pain. 

 In most cases of plantar fasciitis there should be a variety of treatment techniques used. If you find yourself at a clinic where they only seem to use one technique or approach for plantar fasciitis pain relief I recommend you stay open to the treatment, but if it doesn’t work be prepared to move on. 

The best treatment for plantar fasciitis that we know ofSometimes the best pain treatments for plantar fasciitis are the most simple ones.


Once pain relief has been achieved with the best treatments for plantar fasciitis, the topic should shift towards prevention and rehabilitation. Prevention and rehabilitation for plantar fasciitis pain comes in the form of strength and stability exercises (more so than stretches), lifestyle advice and custom orthotics or insoles. If you find yourself at a clinic where this ‘rehab’ topic is not on the table be prepared to move on and learn from someone else about prevention and re-occurrence. 



Plantar fasciitis pain treatments and rehabilitation of plantar fasciitis pain are just vehicles. The destination is freedom. Being pain free in the long term is about you having the freedom to do all the things you like to do as part of a normal, healthy active life. In many ways the ability to move comfortably underpins everything that we enjoy in life. Sport, work, travel, art, health, hobbies, connecting with others and being able to go for a pee in the morning without limping are all dependent to a large extent on healthy pain free movement. That’s why you should try and find the best treatment if you are struggling with plantar fasciitis pain.




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