The Mobiliser

How We Use Mobilisers

The Mobiliser is basically a flatbed that you lie on and relax while 2 rubber rollers run up your spine. The rollers gently push you out of a hunched position, this stretches the connective tissue within your spine. Most people agree treatment feels really good at the time but more importantly, it targets the postural imbalances that create tension and pain in our backs, necks, and shoulders.

For many people, it is necessary to start off quite gently with Mobiliser treatments. If you have been suffering from back or shoulder pain that relates to desk work for some time,  it is not advisable to stretch that entire issue out in a small handful of sessions. We calibrate how much stretch you can handle by using layered pads that provide cushioning from the rollers. Once your tolerance goes up the number of pads goes down and your progress. We use courses of Mobiliser treatment often in conjunction with exercise prescription to improve posture and treat pain in our patients.

Why We Use Mobilisers

The more we have to sit (like so many of us do at work) the more we tend to feel tightness, stiffness, and soreness around our neck shoulders, and backs. For many of us, pain can impact our quality of life. The reason for all this discomfort is the obvious combination of sedentary work, and less than optimal postural habits.  In addition to the discomfort, we feel many of us find that we actually change shape a little and become round-shouldered over time.

Hunched posture is caused not only by muscle imbalances but also by a build-up of fibrous tissue in the back and spine, that what makes us change shape over time if we hunch too much. Mobilisers can help not only with discomfort but also with stretching out the spine’s connective tissue.

Mobiliser machines basically stretch us out of a hunched position. If you sit at a desk a lot and you have some persistent issue with comfort stretching your spine should be an appealing topic. Especially if it is a stretch that you don’t have to work for and not only that. One that feels really really good to have done. Mobiliser treatment is well established in the UK and has been extensively tested and utilised by the British military.

Who Needs Mobilisers

Almost anyone with shoulder or neck pain has the potential to benefit from using a Mobiliser. This being said, even with our level of experience it’s hard to pick who will benefit until you try it out. One of the nice things about Mobiliser is that if it’s not effective for you it is obvious to us almost immediately and we stop using it straight away so that we don’t waste any time on it.  On the other hand, if you do have hidden fibrous changes in your spine the benefits of the Mobiliser are often shocking fast-acting.

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