The Best Way To Get Fitted For Orthotics

Fitted Orthotics

The best way to get fitted for custom orthotics is to work with practitioners who specialise in treating, correcting and rehabilitating stubborn pain conditions. The right practitioners will take your full history of pain into account and conducts in depth analysis of your biomechanics. In depth history taking, orthopaedic testing and computerised gait analysis are the hallmarks of the best way to get fitted for custom orthotics.

There is a bit of work involved in getting fitted for custom orthotics but you mobility and wellbeing are at stake so it’s well worth the effort. The following 3 step process is the bets way to get fitted for orthotics.

Step 1

Make an appointment with a pain clinic who specialise in managing a range of pain conditions. This is especially important if you have had more than one stubborn pain in your lower body (eg. plantar fasciitis and lower back pain). Many people who need to get fitted for orthotics have more than one pain and it’s best to work with practitioners who understanding extends beyond issues with the foot.

Step 2

Have a full history taken so that you practitioner understands your history of lower body pains and lower body injuries in detail. When you get fitted for custom orthotics it’s important that all your past and present pain is taken into account.

Step 3

Get a computerised gait analysis done. The best way to make fitted orthotics is to correct the movement of the foot as opposed to the shape of the foot. Computerised gait analysis creates a detailed image of the movement of your foot so that your practitioner knows exactly where the movement issues lie.

Concluding Thoughts

Once your practitioner has a clear and in depth picture of your pain complaint history, a good impression of how your joints and muscles are functioning and a clear record of how your foot moves they will be able to get you fitted for custom orthotics.

This might all seem like a bit of hassle but the fact is that getting fitted for custom orthotics in the best way possible is a vitally important process. The wellbeing of the tissues in the entire lower half of your body are going depend on your fitted orthotics for years to come.

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