How We Treat Tension Headaches

We Help Ease Your Headaches  As quickly as possible using a broad spectrum of treatments that aim to reduce muscle spasm, increase blood flow, increase mobility, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue. Our treatment processes use a wide variety of methods and are based on a very ‘hands on’ approach to shoulder pain management.

Lifestyle Adjustments – A major part of the secret to successfully managing many headaches cases in the longer term is knowing how to eliminate triggers and aggravating factors. This becomes a whole lot easier if you work with people who have successfully helped manage thousands of headache cases just like yours.

Rehab Exercises for Those Who Want Them  The best exercises for tension headaches are those that mobilise the soft tissues of the neck and improve postural strength in the long term. Strength in postural muscles and suppleness of the soft tissues in the neck are great assets for any headache sufferer.


N.B Even in a world with Google reviews choosing from all the treatment options out there can be daunting. We know how frustrating and expensive it can be to spend money on treatments that aren’t working for you. If you aren’t completely happy with our efforts to help you after 1 month of us treating your pain we will stop all treatment and refund your treatment costs no questions asked. We also extend this offer to people with back pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis & ankle issues *reasonable terms and conditions do apply.


Tension Headache FAQ

How do you get rid of tension headaches?

There are many possible ways in which one might be ablate reduce tension headaches. Managing stress, diet and exercises factors can of great help to many people with tension headaches. Sometimes treatments around the neck shoulders and jaw can be helpful too, acupuncture, deep tissue release and spinal ,manipulation are all worth exploring.

Why do I keep getting tension headaches?

Why Do I keep getting tension headaches?

If you are experiencing stubborn tension headaches there will definitely be a reason for it. Pain is always an indicator that something us not right within the body/mind system.

Work environments, working tasks, diet, stress, exercise and posture can all influence tension the likelihood of you having tension headaches. The best way to gain a better understanding of whats causing your tension headaches is to seek help from a practitioner who has experience in figuring these things out.

How long do tension headaches last?

Most tension headaches last from 1 – 6 hours. Drinking enough water, pain killers, reducing stress and resting sufficiently can all help reduce duration. If you have a persistent headache that isn’t going away you should seek help from trained healthcare providers.

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