Cold or Hot Therapy For Pain?

Pain, swelling, stiffness – our bodies often have specific ways of telling us when something is wrong.  And when they do, it isn't always clear what we should do about it. Among the options are two simple, time-honored techniques,  cold, and heat therapy. Understanding the distinction between these therapies, when to use them, and how they work can help  empower us to address the  various types of pain effectively. 
observe your pain thresholds

Understanding Pain Thresholds

A person's pain threshold is essentially the amount of pain they are able to tolerate. And there are some surprising variables that determine our personal pain thresholds. There is a very good reason why understanding pain tolerance and pain thresholds is important for many pain sufferers, and that is the surprising fact that our ability to tolerate pain is closely linked to the likelihood we will suffer with chronic pain during our lifetime.
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