Sick of Trying to Figure Out Your Pain?

Pain really is just what it says on the tin .. a pain ! Being a human being myself I know from intensive personal experience that even small amounts of consistent discomfort in the body can take most of the fun out of our day, week and even year.

There are those of us for whom pain has become a massive issue, there is a level at which stubborn pains become all consuming and from that point we tend to feel a lot of fear, uncertainty and concern about what the future holds. Like so many things in life if we knew when we could expect the pain to go away it would be so much easier !! I have met people who find the uncertainty of trying to figure out what’s going on with their body is as bad as the pain itself.

Part of the frustration with the common combination of back pain and plantar fasciitis for example comes from the seemingly infinite number of theories and opinions that are available .. it can seem like everyone ( including doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists ) has a different opinion on what’s causing your pain and what you should do about it.

I was very sick during my mid twenties, it’s was a very precious and important learning experience for me but at the time it was incredibly hard partly because I really really wanted to ‘figure out’ my problem and ‘fix’ it. When I look now I see 3 things…

All the searching and figuring out of my problem I tried to do caused me as much stress as the illness itself.
There was a huge amount of learning and value in my search despite it being stressful.
If I had the right kind of help and guidance from the start the whole process would have been soooo much easier .. going it alone was hard even with the help of Dr Google.

If you have been struggling with pain but you are determined to go it alone and figure it all out on your own terms and in your own way I applaud you for your tenacity and also I totally get it.

If you have back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis or any other stubborn pain for that matter and you want help just call my team.

Don’t worry if you have already had unsuccessful physiotherapy treatment, medical treatment, have done all the core exercises and already have orthotics your still in pain… we can often still help.

We will try and help you figure out whats happening and guide you towards what you need to do about it. If we can do that it means you can focus more on healing and less on trying to solve the puzzle for yourself.

At FPC we use a broad range of treatments for an even broader range of complaints. We aim to progress people from pain relief through to full rehabilitation and resolution whenever there is a need. Our therapies include acupuncture, scar tissue release, rehabilitation exercises for almost any painful or injured body part and we also offer computerised gait analysis and custom orthotic prescription.

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