How We Do Rehabilitation

We treat the topic of ‘pain relief’ separately to ‘rehabilitation’… although they do frequently overlap. Pain relief is like getting a filling done at the dentist, a huge relief but with little or no preventative value. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is anything designed to work more on underlying causes and prevent reoccurrence. Acupuncture needles may relieve your back pain but only exercises will strengthen your core and enable it to support your spine in the long term.

Conditions like stubborn knee pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, ankle pain, and back pain, etc seldom manifest overnight. Even when your symptoms appear out of the blue or with a minor injury they are often the result of long-standing weakness or misalignment. This fact is a major part of the reason why the concept of ‘rehab’ is such a big part of our approach.

Why We Do Rehabilitation

Virtually all of life’s fun, freedom, choice, and happiness is built on a foundation of movement and comfort. Sadly we know only too well that it really doesn’t take much weakness in the body to potentially make you really unhappy. You can be an extremely healthy, happy, wealthy active person, but if you have sufficient weakness and inflammation in one of your ankles, much of your enjoyment of life can completely vanish.

The great news is that healthy strong joints and healthy strong muscles rarely hurt and rarely suffer from injuries. Knowing this fact and taking ownership of the necessary exercise tools to work with their own specific patterns of weakness is what we want for you if you have struggled with stubborn pain.

Who Needs Rehabilitation

The vital importance of restoring full strength and alignment to parts of the body that have suffered from persistent pain conditions is now common knowledge. All of the body’s major joints rely heavily on stabilising muscles for support and the prevention of pain and injury. The muscles must be strong and healthy in order to stay pain-free. We place great emphasis on careful and consistent strengthening exercise prescription for those who are looking for lasting pain resolution.

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