Our Rehabilitation Style

We treat the topic of ‘pain relief’ separately to ‘rehabilitation’… although they do frequently overlap. Pain relief is like getting a filling done at the dentist, a huge relief but with little or no preventative value. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is anything designed to work more on underlying causes and prevent reoccurrence. Acupuncture needles may relieve your back pain but only exercises will strengthen your core and enable it to support your spine in the long term.

Conditions like stubborn knee pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, ankle pain, and back pain, etc seldom manifest overnight. Even when your symptoms appear out of the blue or with a minor injury they are often the result of long-standing weakness or strain. This fact is a major part of the reason why the concept of ‘rehab’ is such a big part of our approach.

A ‘rehab’ mindset respects the fact that life places 1 you still plan to sit at a desk for 50 hours a week for the next 10 years, there may still be work to do. In this instance makes a huge amount sense to make a long term commitment to the strength of your postural muscles.

Examples of rehab tools & principles we use include…

  1. – Help you identify lifestyle issues that could be placing unnecessary strain on your body and treating neck pain.
  2. – Identifying and isolating subtle weakness in your core and showing you how to address it outside or alongside gym routines.
  3. – Identifying and correcting issues with your feet using a combination of coaching, exercise prescription & custom orthotics
  4. – Showing you simple postural exercise you can do at your desk to prevent neck pain and shoulder pain.
  5. – Showing you simple tools and tricks to make having good posture WAY less like hard work.
  6. – Assisting with exercises for long-standing muscle imbalances that can perpetuate knee pain and hip pain
  7. – Breaking up the scar tissue that can prevent full recovery in many stubborn pain complaints eg, plantar fasciitis/ knee pain.

Rehabilitation is about preventing pain as opposed to resolving pain. Maintaining the strength of our muscles and the movement of our joints by limiting their strain and maximizing their function with specific exercises is the name of the game. Ultimately there are often connections between the recurring pains we have when we are young and the things that slow us done when we are old… we believe this is the real truth behind the value of rehabilitation.

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