N.B The following info serves as a good general guide to understanding and managing foot pain as well as plantar fasciitis. If you live in Wellington and are unsure of the correct diagnosis of your foot pain we can help.


  1. Physical examination and computerised gait analysis to identify where your specific weaknesses/ imbalances lie.
  2. Customised pain relief plan including hands on therapies like acupressure and passive stretching.
  3. Custom orthotics & specific exercise prescription to help maintain better leg and foot alignment in the long term.

For many plantar fasciitis is a pretty miserable condition but it can become surprisingly easy to get on top of once you are doing the right stuff !!

We love helping people get over these kind of issues because know from personal experience ( because we have been there ) there is nothing quite as sweet as waking up to find your health and comfort restored.


Plantar Fasciitis is extreme irritation of the connective tissue that holds all the muscles, tendons and bones together in your foot.

In the same way that tooth decay doesn’t just appear by bad luck or dark magic neither does plantar fasciitis.  Modern humans take millions of steps per year on concrete/tarmac/paving which are all many times harder than almost all  natural surface.  Hard surfaces exert highly unnatural stress on the sole of the foot.

We don’t all suffer from it though and that’s because there are always underlying physical issues in the legs, hips and feet of plantar fasciitis sufferers that react to concrete etc. and create the pain.

Possible underlying causes of plantar fascitis include:

 -Very high arches
 -Flat feet or low arches
 -Scar tissue in foot or ankle
 -Instability or weakness in hip muscles
 -Weak ankle stabilising muscles
 -Glutes not firing properly
 -Un-rehabilitated injuries in ankle & knee


Which combination of the above you suffer from will  determine which part of your foot gets inflamed. Some plantar fasciitis effects the heel while other cases move more into the arch and front of the foot.


Plantar Fasciitis is a pain to say the very least, it is one of those conditions that both really really hurts and is really really inconvenient. Walking without pain is kind of handy to be able to do.

Finding that you can’t walk normal healthy distances without pain is frustrating at best and seriously scary and life limiting at worst.

Our entire lives are based the ability to move  … life is movement. The inability to move comfortably through your day and week can make happiness and enjoyment of life a big challenge.