We Help Ease Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain – as quickly as humanly possible using a range of treatments that aim to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue.

We Offer Computerised Gait Analysis – to identify specific weaknesses & imbalances that are causing your plantar fasciitis or foot pain should you wish to address them.

Rehab Exercises for Those Who Want Them – designed to prevent reoccurrence of plantar fasciitis. Exercises that improved hip to foot strength in the long term are most effective.

Insoles for Those Who Need Them – to speed recovery and prevent further episodes of plantar fasciitis & Foot pain. Insoles support the foot with the intention of preventing more strain and damage occurring in the soft tissues.

N.B Even in a world with Google reviews choosing from all the treatment options out there can be daunting. This is especially true with conditions like plantar fasciitis and foot pain that are notoriously hard to manage effectively. We know also how frustrating and expensive it can be to spend money on treatments that aren’t working for you. If you aren’t completely happy with our efforts to help you after 1 month of us treating your pain we will stop all treatment and refund your treatment costs no questions asked. We also extend this offer to people with back pain, hip pain, knee pain & ankle issues *reasonable terms and conditions do apply.


Plantar fasciitis & foot pain are usually caused by repetetive strain and scar tissue build-up in the connective tissues of the foot.

In the same way that tooth decay doesn’t just appear by bad luck neither do plantar fasciitis & foot pain. We take millions of steps per year on concrete, tarmac & paving which are many times harder than almost all natural surfaces. These hard surfaces exert highly unnatural stresses on the sole of the foot.

We don’t all suffer from plantar fasciitis and foot pain however and that’s because we find there’s always underlying issues in the legs, hips and feet of plantar fasciitis and foot pain sufferers.

Possible underlying causes of plantar fasciitis & foot pain include:

  • Very high arches
  • Flat feet or low arches
  • Scar tissue in foot or ankle
  • Weakness in hip muscles
  • Weak ankle stabilising muscles
  • Glutes not firing properly
  • Old injuries in ankle & knee

Which combination of the above you suffer from will determine exactly which part of your foot gets inflamed.


Finding that you can’t walk or run normal, healthy distances without pain is frustrating at best, seriously scary and life limiting at worst. The ability to walk and run comfortably forms a big part of our most basic sense of physical freedom. If you are suffering with plantar fasciitis or foot pain you probably know what we mean.

Our entire lives are based the ability to move… life is movement. The inability to move comfortably through your day and week can make happiness and enjoyment of life a big challenge. The knowledge of these facts is what drives us to do everything we can to help get you out of pain in a way that is comfortable, stable and long lasting. Your quality of life is what drives our processes !