Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Treatment – What are the Best Option & How Long Does it Take  to Recover 

My Plantar Fasciitis Story

 If heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment is currently a subject close to your heart you honestly have my sympathy. I personally had a serious episode of heel pain plantar fasciitis early in my clinical career that was caused by spending 9 hours per day on my feet. The pain started off in my right foot and gradually became more intense over a period of months and eventually affected both of my heels. My pain also went from just being an issue in the first few minutes of the day to something that was limiting me nearly 24/7. My heel pain / plantar fasciitis eventually got so bad that I had to reduce my working hours. It was quite a scary and frustrating time especially given that none of my usually very confident and knowledgeable colleagues seemed to be able to help. 

 Rather than treatment for plantar fasciitis pain in the arch and forefoot which many sufferers need it was heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment that I needed. When I finally figured out what was required to relieve my own heel pain it was a serious relief I can tell you. 

 What are the Best Options When Considering  Plantar Fasciitis Heel PainTreatment? 

 When it comes to treating complex and stubborn pain conditions like heel pain & plantar fasciitis the best option is usually the most flexible option


plantar fasciitis foot pain

Plantar fasciitis.. all the fun of starting the day by stepping on a sea urchin!

It is a little-known fact that effective treatment of plantar fasciitis heel pain is for the most part a form of physical conditioning and actually carries the same set of basic rules that we apply to getting fit. If you wouldn’t go to a gym which had 1 or 2 pieces of equipment, don’t go to a clinic or practitioner who only has 1 or 2 ways of treating your pain. Limited options for many of us means limited results. 

 Heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment options are quite numerous and they need to be because while virtually all cases are treatable there is no treatment method that works for everyone. 

 The following is a list of the best heel pain plantar fasciitis treatments in no particular order. Some specific combination of these treatments is required for lasting relief in most cases. 

  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture 
  • Scar tissue scraping
  • Scar tissue stretching
  • Percussion massage 
  • Rehabilitation exercise 
  • Taping 
  • Custom insoles
  • Icing
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Footwear advice 
treatment for plantar fasciitis starts with palpation

Effective treatment for plantar fasciitis is usually a ‘hands on’ affair!

 The truth is that plantar fasciitis heel pain treatment is in many ways identical to arch or forefoot pain plantar fasciitis treatment. The main differences between heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment and arch pain plantar fasciitis treatment are based around identifying exactly where the scar tissue has built up and also on how to reduce the long term stress in the heel to prevent re-occurrence. 

 Heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment as you may have already guessed from the above is kind of a process of elimination. The best way forward is to keep trying out combinations of the best heel pain plantar fasciitis treatments until you crack your individual case. 

 How Long Does It Take To Recover? 

Perhaps unsurprisingly there is quite a lot of variation in how long it takes to recover, even once you are using the right combination of plantar fasciitis heel pain treatments for your case ! 

 Our response rate to heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment is influenced by ..

  • Activity levels
  • Footwear choices 
  • Type of work you do
  • Your Environment
  • Frequency and intensity of treatment
  • Stress levels 
  • Age 
  • Duration that you have been in pain.

 ….. amongst others!!!

 What I would say is that the vast majority of people who receive heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment at my clinic feel very definite and meaningful improvements within a month. 

 Past a month it gets harder to know exactly how quickly someone will improve but if 10 weeks go by and they still have any more than 15 – 20% of their original pain levels I will be scratching my head. This usually leads to conversations about increased rest, taking pressure off the feet and reducing inflammatory foods.

most foot pain is plantar fasciitis pain

Freedom for plantar fasciitis heel pain and arch pain is achievable in the vast majority of cases.

 Beyond the first period of heel pain plantar fasciitis treatment where the emphasis is on pain relief there is often rehab to do. Full rehab of the underlying weaknesses that lead to stubborn heel pain plantar fasciitis is a job for the longer term. Fortunately, this is a process that can nearly always be undertaken in a blissfully pain free state. 

Closing Thoughts

The ability to move comfortably and without pain is absolutely central not only to our ability to thrive but also to our ability to enjoy life and connect. It is amazing to me how often I see microscopic changes in peoples feet, knees, hips and spines that have an enormous impact on their happiness and wellbeing. If you have plantar fasciitis or any other kid of stubborn pain for that matter I strongly encourage you to keep learning, keep trying out different practitioners and keep an open mind until you find solutions that work for you!






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