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Our service is for people who want to be truly free from chronic pain & injuries. This involves healing the real causes of pain and injury susceptibility, deep in the body and nervous system.  It also means moving beyond outdated ‘symptom based’ approaches to pain.

We combine cutting edge technology, hands on methods, tailored rehab programs and stress management. This enables us to manage everything from fresh ankle sprains; to the chronic pains associated with conditions like osteoarthritis, disc bulges and PTSD.

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How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis Pain

We work hard to reduce your plantar fasciitis pain as quickly as possible. Using treatments that ease tissue tension, increase mobility, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue.

Our treatments combine some of the most advanced pain management technologies available anywhere; with a range of manual pain relief methods. Our vision for the care we provide is pretty simple  ‘’All the stuff that actually works and none of the stuff that doesn’t – under one roof’’’. 

If you need preventative measures for ongoing or recurring plantar fasciitis pain we have got you covered. Combining tailored rehab exercises with specific ergonomic solutions is the key to preventing recurrence in most plantar fasciitis pain cases.

Plantar Fasciitis Causes

There are many possible causes of plantar fasciitis pain. The majority of arch and heel pain cases relate to the fact that we take millions of steps per year on hard flat surfaces like concrete, paving, and tarmac. Knowing the causes is a great first step towards recovery.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

Once you know what is causing your plantar fasciitis pain you are able to consider your treatment options. There are numerous possible combinations of treatment for plantar fasciitis pain, the trick is us figuring out which treament works for you.

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Stretching exercises can be very relieving for plantar fasciitis. Many people find that strength exercises are even more effective over time.

Plantar Fasciitis FAQs

Treatment of the pain aspect in plantar fasciitis cases is really a matter of systematic trial and error. Find practitioners who will work their way through different treatment methods until they find those that work best for you. At that point you should decide whether you also want to rehabilitate any of the underlying weaknesses in your feet and legs that caused you to have pain in the first place.

The best treatment for plantar fasciitis is ultimately the one that works for you, unfortunately there is no way of knowing which that is without trying them out. The treatments with the best track record at our clinic are scar tissue scraping (guasha), acupuncture, deep tissue release, stretching and vibration massage.

We take pain killers because they often give great (if temporary) relief from chronic pain conditions like plantar fasciitis. If you are looking to take a more serious look at resolving your condition take painkillers as you need them but also look deeper into the topic of actually healing the issue.  Seek some treatment that prioritises managing pain and scar tissue build up, and that then moves on to restoring strength and support to the foot.

Massaging and stretching your own plantar fascia if you have been professionally diagnosed with plantar fasciitis is absolutely fine. Many people find some level of relief with home stretching and self massage. It’s preferable to seek the right help in addition to self management when you are trying to manage chronic pain.

The only honest answer is yes! Breaking up scar tissue in the sole of the foot does hurt. The pain is only on  the level of a 5-10 minute tattoo session or some laser hair removal.. it’s not the end of the world.

The ideal frequency for plantar fasciitis treatment is twice per week initially, dropping to once per week as relief becomes more consistent. Sometimes for diary and cash flow reasons it is necessary to get treated less often which is workable too, it just means slower progress in most cases:

Yes acupuncture can be a huge help in a significant number of cases. The intention of acupuncture is to promote blood flow in the plantar soft tissues.

Stretches can be useful during the ‘pain relief phase’ of treatment for plantar fasciitis. For the most part though you should just keep everything the same so that it is easier to ‘read’ whether the treatment itself is helping. Exercises generally come later in the ‘rehabilitation phase’ of plantar fasciitis treatment.

How long is a piece of Achilles’ tendon? There are many,  many variables that influence how fast you may heal from a case of plantar fasciitis. Many of which relate to your lifestyle and wellbeing, we cover this quite extensively in our blog.  Limiting the amount of time standing, walking and running on hard surfaces – appropriate self management like ice and stretching can all be beneficial. If you have stubborn pain the biggest factor in recovery is seeking the right professional help.

Many people report that they have experienced relief using apple cider vinegar for plantar fasciitis and a host of other complaints. There is no scientific data to suggest it impacts the scar tissue or collagen regeneration found in cases of plantar fasciitis. If apple cider vinegar has a benefit to plantar fasciitis sufferers beyond placebo (which it may well do) it is most likely by way of an impact on the bodies pain chemistry as a whole.

A significant number of plantar fasciitis cases will settle of their own accord, although without addressing the underlying triggers and causes there is a risk of relapse or other similar complaints. A percentage of cases are more stubborn and persistent if left untreated.

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