How We Treat Pain

Our pain treatment plans nearly always involve multiple forms of treatment directed at the same complaint. The process of getting your pain under control tends to play out either over a number of weeks or a number of months. There is great variation in the duration and intensity of our treatment plans. The size of the job is dictated mostly by how long you have had the pain, how ‘out of whack’ you are at there start line and how severe the pain has been.

We treat everything from foot pain and plantar fasciitis through to neck pain and sinus headaches with great regularity, the core principles always remain the same though. Our treatment programs are, more often than not, an exploration of what your particular body requires in order to heal. We believe, it’s our healthy doses of learning, experience, integrity, determination and flexibility that enables us to figure out the answers as often as we do. 

Our treatments include but are not limited to ….

Neuromuscular Release

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Custom Orthotics

Functional Exercise Prescription

Joint Mobilisation

PNF Stretching

Spinal Manipulation


Percussion Massage

Core Isolation Training


Mobiliser Machines

Scar Tissue Stretches & Guasha 

The deeper principles behind our approach are as follows..

We use, adapt and tailor combinations of therapies to get our outcomes, a highly flexible approach to pain management brings the most success.

We aim to offer not only the necessary immediate pain relief, but also the option of means of preventing future pain wherever possible.

We always try to give you the best understanding possible of where your pain is coming from, but also of its underlying cause is.

We operate a policy of complete openness, honesty and transparency about whether we think we are able to help as things unfold with you.

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Why We Treat Pain

Being healthy and pain free is so easy to take for granted.. until we find ourselves in a situation where that luxury is no longer an option for us. As a team, we have all had legitimately intense first hand experience with this type of thing. This may be why we take such great satisfaction in being able to help. 

For us, we love the topic of pain relief and all the technical details that go into it, but we know that they are really just surface details. The real ‘juice’ when we manage and talk about pain is freedom. Freedom for our patients to enjoy normal, healthy active lives without pain. Freedom to be comfortable lying, sitting, standing and moving. These are really only second to food, water and shelter when it comes to core requirements for not only surviving, but actually being able to enjoy a normal, healthy life. 

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Who Needs Pain Relief

It is not always easy knowing where you should go to ask for help if you have a specific complaint. Obviously not all practitioners are interested in all complaints. We pride ourselves in being transparent about the specific pain complaints that he have a strong track record of success with. There are a significant number of pain conditions that we can help you to manage, this because we use a wide range of tools and approaches.

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