Who We Are & What We Do

We are a small team of allied health professionals with 30 years of clinical experience between us. We pride ourselves in offering legitimately transformative healthcare, in a warm, welcoming & professional environment.


We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we’re able to offer the most diverse and up to date pain solutions possible. Sometimes this means evidence based rehab exercises – sometimes it means using modern technology like Gaitscan and Focused Shockwave Therapy – and at other times it involves more traditional methods like acupuncture.   


We specialise in finding lasting pain solutions for people with headaches, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, IT band pain, knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and foot pain.


    Take a look at the conditions we may be able to help you with.


    A quick run down of what our process looks like from it’s start point.


    Meet our small but perfectly formed clinical team.


    Our approach to pain relief may be different to what you have been used to.


3 Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a real pain to say the very least, it is one of those conditions that both really really hurts and is really really inconvenient. The subject of pain relief boiled down is really about freedom. Being free of pain is about the freedom to do all the things we need to do […]

Does Stress Cause Pain ?

Stress is  a major contributor in stubborn pain conditions. In particularly bad cases we might even find that we become unresponsive to treatment. I have met countless people over the years who’ve had excellent treatment from their physiotherapist, expertly made orthotics from their podiatrist, skilled adjustments from their chiropractor all for very real issues in […]

Sick of Trying to Figure Out Your Pain?

Pain really is just what it says on the tin .. a pain ! Being a human being myself I know from intensive personal experience that even small amounts of consistent discomfort in the body can take most of the fun out of our day, week and even year. There are those of us for […]

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