What We Do

If you are having an immediate problem with pain that you would like to resolve as quickly as possible we would love to assist you. If you have ongoing, stubborn pain issues that you would like to get to the bottom of we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about offering you our help. In either case our first focus when you come to us is virtually always to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

We believe in a flexible, open minded approach to pain relief, this is because we know from experience that we all have specific needs that relate to our own unique body type.


    Take a look at the conditions we may be able to help you with.


    A quick run down of what our process looks like from it’s start point.


    Meet our small but perfectly formed clinical team.


    Our approach to pain relief may be different to what you have been used to.


Why Do SO MANY Ankle Sprains Reoccur. 

Without getting caught up in stats it should be enough to tell you that research conducted on over 300 Chinese professional athletes has shown that a shocking number suffer with long term pain, weakness and relapses after ankle sprain injury. The research in question concluded that stubborn pain, persisting weakness and re-occurrence of sprained ankles […]

Something You Should Know About Persistent Ankle Tendonitis !

So here is the awkward thing about being diagnosed with persistent ankle tendonitis or any other kind of persistent tendonitis for that matter….. science has essentially proven that it doesn’t exist. Bear with me here! Much like the classic earth isn’t flat discovery of old we now know that persistent ankle tendonitis was little more […]

Pain Management – Making The Case For Colouring Outside The Lines 

Introduction In our society we are often encouraged by the medical fraternity to only pursue treatments for our pain that are ‘scientifically proven’. There is a core of wisdom in this advice but unfortunately it does not always lead to the best outcomes for patient, many of whom are suffering terribly with chronic pain. I […]