The Team At Featherston Street Pain Clinic

Tobias Hall

DC BSc. Hons. IIst Nat. Dip. NZCA

Tobias has 20 years experience rehabilitating people with pain, literally from head to toe. He has lectured in sports injury management at Powys College in Mid-Wales, worked with professional sports teams in Ireland and nearly destroyed his own body fixing some of the worlds strongest men. But his main passion is helping people with chronic debilitating pain.

Tobias is qualified in spinal rehabilitation, sports therapy, fitness coaching, acupuncture, injury rehabilitation, & neuro linguistic programming. He is also a self-confessed ‘wellness nerd’, and has been a lifelong student of self-healing, as well as healing others.

Tobias believes that the human body is incredibly resilient and capable of healing almost anything given the right care and support. He also believes true pain relief comes from resolving the underlying causes of pain. And he has dedicated his adult life to identifying those underlying causes to the very best of his ability.

Over the past 20 years Tobias has successfully juggled his role as a clinician with his own healing journey. A journey which included a long and near fatal experience with cancer in his 20’s. Tobias is strong and healthy now, enjoys his work, maintaining close friendships, regular exercise and is an enthusiastic animal lover.. he has even found he likes cats. 

Kade Christensen

BHSc. (Paramedicine) EMT, Cert. ST

Kade’s journey in the healthcare field began with an eight-year tenure as a Paramedic, where he earned the qualification of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Yet a significant turning point in Kade’s life came in 2018 after sustaining a deep internal hip injury that he struggled to get treated for over a year. Subsequently having this successfully treated at Featherston St Pain Clinic inspired him to move from paramedicine into pain rehabilitation.

Following Kade’s realisation about his new career path he took on postgraduate studies in Sports Therapy and then an internship at Featherston St Pain Clinic. Subsequently taking to the clinical realities of pain management like a duck to water.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kade nurtures his own wellbeing through a dedicated self-care practice. He embraces activities like yoga, meditation, exposure therapy and rejuvenating retreats, which not only invigorate him but also enrich his understanding of holistic healing approaches.

Kades knowledge of medicine, wellness, yoga  and rehabiltition combined with a deeply empathic character make him a formidable pain clinician. We are proud to have Kade as an integral member of our team, making a profound difference in the lives of those seeking relief from chronic pain and injuries.

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