The Team at Featherston Street Pain Clinic

Pain is an important topic because the essence of what pain signifies is a threat to your enjoyment of life. Seeing improvements in your ability to comfortably do all the things you need to do, and enjoy the things you love doing is our driving force. Your quality of life is what drives us to work as hard as we do, and we believe that no one is more willing than us to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at your pain.

Most of us agree that short term episodes of pain managed quickly and effectively are not the end of the world. In contrast, persistent or recurring pains that limit our ability to enjoy a normal, active life is potentially frustrating, scary and even life altering. Our team of experts below are here to help.

Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall

DC BSc. Hons. IIst Nat. Dip. NZCA

Over the past 20 years Tobias has just about managed to successfully juggle helping thousands of people find freedom from stubborn pain, with his own healing journey. A journey which included a long and near fatal embrace with cancer in his 20’s. Tobias is strong and healthy now, enjoys his work, exercise and is an enthusiastic animal lover.. he has even found he likes cats.

Tobias has qualifications in sports injury management, fitness coaching, sports therapy, acupuncture, injury rehabilitation, neuro linguistic programming & chiropractic. Tobias has 20 years experience with helping and rehabilitating people with pain literally from head to toe.

Over many years of reflection, research, trial & error Tobias has come to the conclusion that pain relief is ideally a brief (but important) stepping stone towards deeper resolution of the underlying causes of pain. Causes like stress, lifestyle, muscle weakness and scar tissue. He has dedicated his life to identifying those underlying causes to the best of his ability and implementing simple solutions for them.

Hayley McKenzie

Hayley McKenzie

Practice Manager - Rehabilitation - Orthotic Consultant

Hayley McKenzie is Wellington born & raised and despite occasionally getting itchy feet still happily calls Wellington home. Hayley played national level netball & basketball before being retired by a severely debilitating shoulder injury. After her painfully slow but successful shoulder rehabilitation Hayley is making a comeback in competitive sport and is expected to hold national titles.. watch this space!

Hayley has a specific interest and expertise in rehabilitation and muscle activation training for pain management. She is also, after her own experiences with pain, passionate about injury prevention within the context of sport,
health and fitness regimes.

In addition to her extensive experience scanning over 5000 people’s feet for the purpose of custom orthotic & footwear prescription Hayley is a qualified PT with an in depth knowledge of rehabilitation for shoulder problems, knee problems and hip problems. Hayley believes that a major key to managing stubborn pain conditions is specific strength training.. and the industry research in our area backs her up on that.

Charlie Rickard

Charlie Rickard

BHSc. NMT Myofascial Release - NeuroMuscular Release

Charlie grew up in Hawkes Bay but these days calls Wellington home. Like many of the best practitioners Charlie has been on her own healing journey. This started when she woke up one morning in 2015 and decided she wanted to make a big change in her life. In the following 20 months Charlie lost 65kg’s without any outside coaching, help or influence, and has never looked back. Charlie lives in Wellington with her partner Damon, she is a keen musician, keeps fit and loves dogs.

Charlie has a bachelor‘s degree in NeuroMuscular Release technique. In layperson’s terms this means that Charlie specialises in managing soft tissue pain. Charlie’s in depth knowledge of muscle and fascial anatomy means that she can frequently find the source of pain where other practitioners have failed.

In addition to the standard foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and shoulder pain that we manage at FPC, Charlie has a special interest in jaw pain and headaches. Charlie believes that quality pain treatment is built upon a foundation of excellent anatomical knowledge & a willingness to use an intensively hands on treatment style.