How We Treat Neck Pain

We Help Ease Your Neck Pain – as quickly as humanly possible using a range of treatments that aim to decrease stiffness in your spinal bones, decrease muscle spasm, break up scar tissue & decrease inflammation. Our approach to treating neck pain is based on flexibility and an extremely ‘hands on’ treatment style, we use a wide range of treatments. 

Rehab Exercises for Those Who Want Them – the best exercises for neck pain are usually those that either mobilise the neck bones or teach you to not hold tension in your neck. Learning these can take time but the rewards long term can be significant. Many neck pain sufferers also benefit from strengthening that postural muscle in their upper back, we can help with this too. 

N.B Even in a world with Google reviews choosing from all the treatment options for back pain can be daunting. We know also how frustrating and expensive it can be to spend money on back pain treatments that aren’t working for you. If you aren’t completely happy with our efforts to help you after 1 month of us treating your pain we will stop all treatment and refund your treatment costs no questions asked. 

Why We Treat Neck Pain

It has been said that it is preferable to have a sore foot than a sore neck. Most people agree that there is something very immediate and ‘close to home’ about head pain and neck pain, it can even hard to function happily with neck pain that’s for sure. 

Finding that you can’t function normally without stiffness and pain in your neck is frustrating at best, seriously miserable and life limiting at worst. No matter who you are the ability to move, sit and sleep comfortably, forms a big part of our most basic sense of physical freedom and happiness. The knowledge of these facts is what drives us to do everything we can to help get rid of your neck pain in a way that is comfortable, stable and long lasting. Your quality of life is what drives us!!!!

Neck Pain FAQ

Can neck pain cause pins & needles in feet?

The regular forms of neck pain that most people suffer from, those that relate to poor posture, stress, muscle weakness and old injuries do not as a rule cause pins & needles in the feet. If you have a serious issue within the cervical (neck) spinal canal it could potentially cause pins and needles in the feet, very few cases of neck pain would relate to such changes. Regardless of the probable cause, if you have ongoing pain or pins & needles anywhere you should get them checked by a trained professional.

What’s the best treatment for neck pain?

The best treatment for neck pain is the one that works for YOU without being too risky or invasive! Unfortunately there is an element of unpredictability to who will respond best to which treatment. Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Rehab Exercises, Scar Tissue Release, Float Tanks & Alexander Technique are all worth your consideration to mention a few. It is worth adding that very few cases of neck pain respond well to surgery and pharmacology in the long term. 

Can stress cause neck pain?

Stress is a major cause and a major trigger for neck pain. When we experience trauma, emotional stress, mental stress and depression many of us clench the muscles in our necks as part of our physical response to the situation we find ourselves in. 

Clenching the neck muscles for protracted time windows can easily cause tension and inflammation in the neck. In some instances, stress related muscular tension in the neck can act as a trigger or irritant which causes old neck issues to become symptomatic after extended ‘symptom free’ periods. In other words neck issues can lay dormant and be woken up by stress.

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