How We Treat Migraines

We Help Ease Your Migraines 

We help relieve your pain as quickly as possible – using treatments that aim to reduce muscle spasm – increase blood flow & decrease inflammation; around the skull, jaw and neck. Our treatment processes involve a wide variety of methods and are based on a very ‘hands on’ approach to migraine management.

Lifestyle Adjustments

 A major part of the secret to successfully managing migraines in the longer term is knowing how to eliminate triggers and aggravating factors. This process is a whole lot easier if you work with people who have successfully helped manage thousands of migraine cases just like yours.

Rehab Exercises for Those Who Want Them 

The best exercises for migraine sufferers are those that mobilise the soft tissues of the neck and reduce tension in the neck and jaw. We take time to teach you exercises that give you the best possible chance of keeping your migraines at bay in the longer term.

Migraine FAQ

What is the best treatment for migraine?

Ultimately the best treatment for migraine is the one that works for you. There are a various ways of tackling a migraine problem. Many people are happy to have a prescription from their doctor and find that if they catch it quick enough they can prevent a full migraine by taking a pill. Some people prefer to tread very carefully and avoid triggers. Those who area bit more determined to resolve their migraine may explore physical therapies, like osteopathy, chiropractic or herbal and natural therapies like naturopathy.

Are migraine aura’s dangerous?

Migraine auras can be very weird and quite scary, when you find that your headache is causing you full blown visual hallucinations its only natural to be concerned. After all, it should go without saying that strange sensory changes in the face and head can be a sign of something serious.

The good news is that generally speaking migraine auras are are strange and disconcerting but are no causes for concern. To be sure that it is migraine aura that you are experiencing it is important that you seek professional advice.

Can a migraine be caused by cancer or a brain tumour?

No a migraine cannot be caused by cancer or a brain tumour. There are instances where a cancer or a brain tumour could cause migraine-like symptoms however. If you are seriously concerned about your wellbeing it is essential that you seek professional advice as opposed self diagnosing.

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