Why We Treat Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain has been shown to correlate measurably with general health status, especially when it remains untreated in older individuals. Finding that you can’t perform normal day-to-day activities without nagging knee pain is annoying at best, and seriously life limiting at worst. 

The ability to move and just ‘be’ comfortably forms a big part of our most basic sence of well-being. In addition, the ability to move freely is fundamental to us thriving and providing for ourselves and our families. 

We take knee pain seriously, and our decisive approach to its treatment reflects tha

How To Treat Knee Pain

We work hard to relieve your knee pain as quickly as possible. Using interventions that ease muscle spasm, increase tissue mobility, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue.

Our treatments combine some of the most advanced pain management technologies available anywhere; with a range of manual pain relief methods. Our vision for the care we provide is pretty simple  ‘’All the stuff that actually works and none of the stuff that doesn’t – under one roof’’’. 

If you need preventative measures for long-standing knee pain we’ve got you covered. Combining specific leg stability exercises with tailored ergonomic solutions is the key to preventing recurrence in most cases of stubborn knee pain.

Knee Pain Causes

Human knees bear a huge amount of weight during the course of an active life. Knees are also very susceptible to injury and pain conditions. Become better informed on the underlying causes of knee pain by reading our guide.

Knee Pain Treatments

There are as many treatments for knee pain as there are causes of knee pain. The trick to effective treatment of knee pain is knowing what combination of treatments work to bring relief in your particular case.

Knee Pain Exercises

Most knee pain sufferers have an underlying weakness in the muscles that support their knee, they also tend to have some loss of knee joint mobility. Our in-depth exercise prescriptions tackle both these issues head-on.

Knee Pain FAQs

Massage is great, especially in areas where we have stubborn pain. The likelihood of you doing any harm by massaging a knee that you have pain in is low, as long as it isn’t freshly injured or infected in any way. If you have persistent knee pain massage can be an excellent way to manage pain levels and promote blood flow in the tissues. 

The best exercises for knee pain are ones that strengthen the stabilising muscles of the entire foot, leg & hip. Being more specific, these type of exercises are those that carefully and persistently challenge your ability to balance and bear weight in a coordinated way. 

For many with a history of knee pain it won’t be possible to do this kind of rehab comfortably and safely until your pain is under control via effective treatment methods. 

See someone who has the professional training and experience to make that call for you. The only way to confirm the presence of arthritis in the knee 100% is with x Ray. A practitioner who is up to date with ‘best practices’ for knee pain will not want to order x Rays simple because you have knee pain. The first step towards diagnosing knee arthritis is a comprehensive history and physical exam, this does lead to x rays in some instances 

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