How We Treat Iliotibial Band / ITB Pain

We Help Ease Your Iliotibal Band / ITB Pain

We aim to resolve your ITB pain as quickly as humanly possible – using a range of treatments that aim to decrease stiffness in your knee, hip & thigh – decreasing muscle spasm & decreasing  inflammation. Our approach to treating Iliotibial Band / ITB pain is based on flexibility and an extremely ‘hands-on’ treatment style, we use a wide range of treatments.

Rehab Exercises for Iliotibial Band / ITB Pain

The best exercises for Iliotibial Band / ITB pain are usually those that target the deepest layers of the core. Learning these can take time but the rewards long term can be huge. 

We specialise in taking you beyond a basic understanding of how to do core strengthening. This specifically is how many people have found they can take control of stubborn Iliotibial Band / ITB pain cases. 

Computerised Gait Analysis For Iliotibial Band / ITB Pain Sufferers 

Gait Analysis is always important  for those who get Iliotibial Band / ITB pain. Gait Analysis can identify the movement issues that are causing your Iliotibial Band / ITB pain. For a percentage Iliotibial Band / ITB pain sufferers, shoe insoles or orthotics can be very beneficial. As can appropriate strength exercises for the glutes and quads.

Why We Treat Iliotibial Band / ITB Pain

Many people still find it very hard to get effective treatment for Iliotibial Band / ITB pain. A huge number ending up resorting to self management like foam rolling. Which is not the same as fixing the issue. We aim to make our clinic a place that people can come and not only get common sense  answers but also quality hands on care for their Iliotibial Band / ITB pain.. 

Finding that you can’t function normally without fear of aggravating your Iliotibial Band / ITB pain is annoying  at best – and seriously life-limiting at worst. No matter who you are, the ability to exercise, stand, sit and sleep comfortably forms a big part of our most basic sense of physical freedom and happiness. The knowledge of these facts is what drives us to do everything we can to help get you out of pain in a way that’s comfortable, stable and long-lasting. Your quality of life is what gets us out of bed at 5 am!!!!

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