How We Treat Pain Continued

Pain treatment is much like anything to do with the human body, one persons healthy snack is another person’s food allergy. The simple fact is that there is no one treatment that works for everybody’s pain. This is why people so often express differing views on what treatment is best for a given pain. It’s easy to assume that what worked well for ourselves will work for everybody, and all too tempting to draw negative conclusions about the value of the things that didn’t work for us personally.

The universally unpredictable nature of people’s response to pain relief treatments is the reason we use so many tools at our clinic. We want to be able to help as many of you as possible: 

A fundamental principle that we hold dear is that of pain relief being a different topic to ‘rehabilitation’. Most pain relief treatment is kinda like getting a filling done at the dentist… a huge relief but with little or no preventative value. Rehabilitation on the other hand is anything designed to work more in terms of causality and prevent reoccurrence. Acupuncture needles may relieve your back pain but only exercises will strengthen your core and enable it to support your spine in the long term.

It is worth bearing in mind that mental and emotional factors can play the dominant role in stubborn pain too. A very important point regarding the ‘emotional’ kind of pain is that it actually never happens on strong healthy backs and hips, the emotions ‘throw kerosene’ on our neck, back and hip issues. In those cases both physical therapy and ‘therapy therapy’ are needed. We don’t provide ‘therapy therapy’ as such, we are however frequently able to help people identify whether stress or trauma are playing a part in their pain. We are also able to coach and guide you on options that might be worth exploring if you feel up to tackling some of that stuff.   The rest of you will get away with physical therapies to resolve your pain issues.