Why We Treat Hip Pain

Finding that you can’t walk or run normal, healthy distances without aggravating hip pain is frustrating at best, seriously scary and life-limiting at worst. The ability to move comfortably forms a big part of our most basic sense of physical freedom.

Our entire lives are based on the ability to move… life is movement. The inability to move comfortably through your day and can potentially make happiness and enjoyment in the moment a big challenge. The knowledge of these facts is what drives us to do everything we can to help get you out of pain in a way that is comfortable, stable, and long-lasting. Your quality of life is what drives us!

How We Treat Hip Pain

We Help You Ease Your Hip Pain

We get on top of your pain as quickly as humanly possible using a range of treatments that aim to reduce muscle spasm, increase blood flow, increase mobility, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue. Our treatment processes use a wide variety of methods and are based on a very ‘hands-on’ approach to hip pain management.

We Offer Computerised Gait Analysis

We use Gait Analysis – to identify specific weaknesses & imbalances that may have caused your hip pain, should you wish to address them. Many people find great insight into the underlying reason for their hip pain with this process. 

Rehab Exercises For Those Who Want Them

The best exercises for hip pain are usually those that restore and maintain better strength of your hips in the long term. The proper function of the large muscle groups that support the hip is extremely important for preventing hip issues. 

Insoles For Those Who Need Them

We sometimes prescribe custom orthotics to prevent further strain and damage occurring in the knee & hip in the long term. People with particularly high arches and flat feet can easily find that these issues seriously impact their hip pain.

Hip Pain Causes

The first thing most people think of when you say ‘hip pain’ is arthritis. There is however a lot more to the topic of hip pain than wear and tear. Become better informed with our overview of the possible causes of your hip pain.

Hip Pain Treatment

There are many possible treatments for hip pain as there are causes of hip pain. The trick to effective treatment of hip pain is knowing what combination of treatments works together, to bring relief to your individual cause.

Hip Pain Exercises

Most hip pain sufferers have some underlying weakness of the muscle that supports their hip, they also tend to have some loss of hip joint mobility. Our targeted exercise program tackles both these issues head-on.

Hip Pain FAQ

If you have extremely and persistently stiff hips and they also hurt and click you may have some form of arthritis. Don’t freak out though because there are many other possible causes. If you suspect you might have arthritis, get checked out by a qualified professional, x Rays are the only way to know for sure

Yes massage of the muscles around the hip can be a very good way to help manage pain while you are working towards resolution of your hip pain. 

The best exercises for most cases of stubborn hip pain are those which strengthen the stabilising muscles of the entire leg. . Being more specific, the best type of exercises are those that carefully and persistently challenge your ability to balance and bear weight in a coordinated way. 

For many with a history of hip pain it won’t be possible  to do this kind of rehab comfortably and safely until your pain is under control via effective treatment methods. 

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