For many of us the uncertainty of not knowing what’s causing our hip pain, knee pain or foot is what prevents us from moving forward. Gaitscan is a way of removing that uncertainty.

If you suffer from unexplained or unsuccessfully treated foot pain, hip pain, knee pain or low back pain the answer could be in your feet.

The Gaitscan process involves a brief history and then you will be asked to walk across a plate with 4000 sensors which is attached to a computer.  This takes a very detailed moving image of what the feet do during your walking cycle.  The entire Gaitscan process takes around 30 minutes.

The data generated by the Gaitscan system allows the prescription of industry leading custom orthotics which are an excellent way of managing pain in the longer term and can be worn in almost any shoe including ladies heels. Gaitscan may also enable the prescription of home exercises to be designed to support the specific weaknesses that contribute to a person’s pain..