How We Do Gait Analysis

If you suffer from unexplained or unsuccessfully treated foot pain, hip pain, knee pain or low back pain the answer could be in the way you bear weight through your feet. For many of us the uncertainty of not knowing what’s causing our pain  is what prevents us from moving forward. Gait analysis is a way of removing that uncertainty for the majority of people with pain patterns in the lower half of their body.

The Gait Analysis process involves a brief history and then you will be asked to walk across a plate with 4000 sensors which is attached to a computer.  This takes a very detailed moving image of what the feet do during your walking cycle.  The entire Gait analysis process takes around 30 minutes.

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Why We Do Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is a stepping stone to tailored forms of rehabilitation that target your specific issues. When the root cause of your pain has been exposed it takes all the guess-work out of rehabilitation, lifestyle alterations and orthotic prescription. Gaitscan is a tool for those who are interested in long term prevention of pain.

We believe that all pains have a story to tell, and that there are genuine underlying physical  issues behind all stubborn pains. The truth is, stubborn pains are preceded either by a significant injury or by deep and persistent patterns of weakness, misalignment or scar tissue within the body. In other words, you don’t get sore overnight, and you certainly don’t get chronic pain overnight, unless you have had a major injury.

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Who Needs Gait Analysis

Virtually all joint and muscle pains, and even a significant number of injuries are caused by underlying issues with alignment and movement. This fact is the reason why regular scans and x rays so often dont reveal the cause of our pain, they aren’t movement based investigations. We use Gait Analysis is a major diagnostic tool in our clinic, we do so to try and uncover the specific underlying reasons behind certain kinds of pain. The following is a definitive list of complaints that warrant further investigation with Gait Analysis technology.

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