Conditions We Treat

We pride ourselves in being able to successfully manage a wide range of complaints. Many of the people who come to us have 3 or more ongoing pain issues that we are happy to manage at one time… ‘clinical multi-tasking’ if you will! Common complaints that we work with include…

Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis 

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Pain

Sinus Pain

Knee Pain

Iliotibial Band Syndromes

Hip Bursitis 

Hip Pain

Sciatic Pain

Pelvic Pain

Back Pain

Postural Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain







We are able to manage a wide range of conditions from plantar fasciitis and foot pain to headaches because of the tenacity & flexibility of our process. Also possibly because many of the complaints on the list have more in common than you might think.