Comfort is Your Natural State.. Back Pain Is Not.

Comfort Is Your Natural State

On the face of it what I do is help people with pain (back pain, plantar fasciitis and the like ). If we unpack the subject of being pain free what we generally find is that it boils down to ‘freedom’. Freedom to do all the things we need to do ( like carry bags of shopping ) in a state of comfort and freedom to do all the things we love to do ( like play sports ) in a state of comfort.

Having the freedom to live a full life without pain is obviously a big topic but if we stick with the basics for a moment there are 3 basic needs that we all have in this area …

The ability to lie down and sleep comfortably.
The ability to sit comfortably for as long as we need to.
The ability to stand and walk comfortably.

These are the bare basics and if you can’t do all 3 with comfort and ease then something is very wrong and the body is using he feelings of tightness, stiffness, aching and pain to bring your attention to it.

If we take plantar fasciitis or heel pain as examples they have little effect on your ability to sit and sleep but just standing and walking can be desperately uncomfortable. Anyone who has experienced plantar fasciitis or heel pain with tell you not only how distressingly painful they are but how much they can limit ones ability to enjoy and normal active life .. walking is kinda useful to be able to do.

The loss of freedom we experience when conditions like plantar fasciitis effect our mobility is usually experienced as very frustrating and limiting.

Complaints like back pain and hip pain are just as painful and frustrating as plantar fasciitis ( and they often go together for a very good reason ) but tend to have a more variable effect on our lives. Back pain and hip pain can effect our ability to stand and walk but they can just as easily impact our ability to sit and sleep without pain. It should go without saying that not being able to sit and sleep comfortably can get super frustrating also .. being able to sleep is one of the freedoms most essential to perceived ‘quality of life’.

It’s not natural to feel sore, stiff, achy, tight during day to day life .. all stubborn little pains have their roots in ‘strain’ or ‘wear and tear’ in the body. My suggestion is that you don’t put up with them.

If you live in Wellington and you are suffering from back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis or headaches we may be able to help you. Experience has taught us that overwhelming majority of stubborn pains can be managed with the right tools and the right mindset. Our offices are in Wellington CBD and we offer a broad range of treatments to both treat pain but also stop it from coming back.

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