The 'Im Fixed' Myth

The ‘I’m Fixed’ Myth

Most people stand very little chance of escaping the chronic pain cycle until they fully understand ‘latency’. Because truly healing chronic pain requires ongoing, sincere effort long after symptoms have resolved. 
The Injury Myth

Injury Myths

Healthy, strong tissues are highly resilient to damage; if they weren't, there would be no such thing as contact sports. So true injuries are, without exception, memorable physical events. If you experience a 'sudden pain' in your spine picking up a box of tissues, it is worth questioning how healthy your spine is; and whether it really qualifies as a true injury at all.
Adverse life events

The Connection Between Chronic Pain & Adverse Life Events

The basis of musculoskeletal pain is biomechanical. Yet, emotional trauma is the single most influential factor in determining the severity of chronic pain a population of patients will suffer. However, many chronic pain sufferers do not identify as having any significant trauma. Some because they legitimately don't. Many others because they do, but were just not aware.
Pain Centralisation

Psychosomatic Pain

Psychosomatic pain is real pain. Psychosomatic pain is not 'all in your head'. Psychosomatic pain is far more common than most of us realise. Psychosomatic pain is also very treatable when its underlying causes are identified and treated.

Getting To Grips With Pain Triggers

Many pain sufferers struggle to discern between what really causes their pain and what simply triggers their underlying pain issues. Triggers are always external forces and events, like bad sleep and awkward lifts. Whereas causes can be environmental, but are often internal challenges, like having a weak core, for example. The true causes of pain are always a very big and important deal. Pain triggers, on the other hand, are very helpful to know but often trivial in the grand scheme. 
Interpret Symptoms Like A Pain Expert - diagnosis definition

Interpret Your Symptoms Like A Pain Expert

For most of human healthcare, we assumed that our symptoms were the problem.  We have moved past that now to a large extent. For example: we know that the virus is the problem, not the green snot. Mucus is just a byproduct of healthy immune function. Prior to the microscope, we naturally assumed the redness and swelling of an infection was ‘the problem’. But since microscopes, we know our swelling is the body’s vital inflammatory response and the actual problem was an invasion of hostile microbes. Through this deepening of scientific understanding, we’ve moved past ‘symptom blaming’. Somewhat. Because we still very much do it with pain.
mechanical Pain

Mechanical Pain

If you have stubborn pain in a muscle, joint, nerve or your soft tissues - it’s highly likely to be mechanical pain. Mechanical pain is caused by factors relating to movement. It is the body's way of alerting us when healthy movement patterns are lost within body parts for an extended period of time.
what causes shoulder pain - holding shoulder

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

The majority of shoulder pains are caused by mechanical lifestyle factors like sedentary work, chronic postural strain, muscle atrophy, stress and old injuries. Occasionally shoulder pain can have more serious causes; but thankfully these are rare and easy to rule out with straight forward tests like blood tests and x rays.
laser therapy

Low-level Laser Therapy As A Treatment for Chronic Pain, Migraines and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (Jaw Pain)

Low-level Laser Therapy As A Treatment for Chronic Pain, Migraines…
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