Are High Arches Causing Your Knee Pain?

Introduction Learning about the cause or causes of knee pain, hip pain and foot pain as we do here isn’t the most fun you can have let’s face it. The truth is though, being able to reliably and consistently move freely without the frustration or threat of knee pain IS great fun. All the activities, […]

3 Possible Causes of Sharp Pain In Your Ankle When Walking .

Introduction The ability to walk comfortably without pain for most of us is one of our most basic building blocks of a normal happy existence. Your ability to walk, stand, sit and sleep without sharp pain is most likely right up there in terms of your criteria for basic wellbeing.  Having sharp pain in your […]

Do You Have a Sharp Pain in Your Ankle That Comes and Goes?

Ankle Pain It goes without saying that the most common kind of problem people have with their ankles is the pain and immobility that comes after a sprained ankle. There are also those us who are unfortunate enough to have stubborn ankle pain without an immediate sprain injury.  I meet heaps of people who haven’t […]

Is Your Bursitis Trying To Tell You About Wear And Tear?

Introduction The most common symptoms of bursitis are pain and limitation of comfortable movement range. In many ways bursitis is very difficult to differentiate from tendonitis, muscle pain, fascial pain and joint pain. People with bursitis pain often complain of pain that is triggered by certain movements and certain positions that they assume in day […]

Whats The Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis Pain

INTRODUCTION  If you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain you will most likely show up looking like any other case needing treatment for plantar fasciitis pain. Under the surface though you will have a pattern of collagen degeneration, scar tissue build-up and muscle weaknesses that are unique to you! You will also have specific treatment […]

Shoulder Pain Treatment – Trade Secrets Revealed

Shoulder Pain Treatment & Your Ribs The shoulder joint and the shoulder girdle is made up not of one joint but a series of joints. The shoulder is also made up of numerous muscles and multiple layers of complex connective tissue known as fascia. It is relatively common knowledge about shoulder pain treatment that it […]