Are Custom Orthotics For Pain Management Worth The Money?

Custom Orthotics Intro Whether or not custom orthotics are worth the money is up for debate. It has been my experience that 9/10 people who have tried both receive greater benefit in the custom orthotic over time. In fairness though, I do also meet the very occasional person who experiences an increase in pain with […]

3 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Resolving Your Headaches

Intro Headaches and migraines are not fun! For some headaches are an inconvenience, and for others they are actually a very serious and ‘quality of life threatening’ issue. Even short term episodes of headache pain can be really frustrating and unpleasant let alone having stubborn re occurring headaches.  The longer you have had headaches the […]

Are Your Flat Feet Causing Your Knee Pain?

Introduction To Knee Pain Learning about the causes of knee pain, hip pain and foot pain as we do here isn’t the most fun you can have. But the grown up truth is that being able to reliably and consistently move freely without the frustration or threat of pain is a lot of fun. All […]

Patellofemoral Knee Pain Syndrome

Knee Pain Introduction Knee pain is extremely common amongst modern human beings. We don’t know for sure how much knee pain our ancestors suffered with but there is a certain amount of evidence to suggest that they had their knee pain issues too. Your knee joint sustains a biblical dose of punishment during the course […]

So… At The Close Of My Second Decade Managing Pain What Have I Learned?

Intro I have had the privilege of being trusted to relieve other people’s musculoskeletal pain for 2 decades now. It’s been a wild and interesting ride. Much of what I have seen and experienced wouldn’t surprise you at all. Parts of the experience I wouldn’t even bother retelling because you would think I was either […]

4 Ways To Manage Headaches & Migraine You Might Not Have Considered !

 Intro Headaches are not fun, no stubborn pain is fun but headaches are notorious for being a lot harder to ignore and function with than pain in the lower body. Some headaches are mild enough and I frequent enough that they are not much of an issue. Other headaches can have a significant impact on your […]