3 Steps To Successful Back Pain Treatment

LIntro Back pain has reached epidemic levels in the developed world since the end of WW2. During this time Western medicine has thrown both the surgical and pharmaceutical kitchen sinks at the problem to no avail, in fact they may have made matters worse. A tiny minority of back pain sufferers only qualify for surgery, […]

Stubborn Pain.. Is It ‘All In Your Head’? 

Introduction  Many sufferers of persistent pain have been there, the final set of scan results come through.. all completely normal. Or the final phase of treatment comes to an end and their doctor utters those 5 fateful and scientifically murky words ‘It’s all in your head’! In my own professional lifetime alone I have heard […]

Custom Made Orthotics For Flat Feet – The Benefits

The Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics For Flat Feet  When we are considering the benefits of custom orthotics and generic insoles for flat feet it is worthwhile reflecting on just how many people wear them. It is hard to say exactly how many people wear custom orthotics. In 2016 however the American foot orthotic market […]

Is Concrete The True Cause Of Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a real pain !!!! There aren’t many worse ways to start the day than your first few steps being agonisingly painful. It can become quite scary and frustrating to find that your ability to stand and walk are becoming limited by the pain of plantar fasciitis. I have personally met countless plantar […]

Sick of Trying to Figure Out Your Pain?

Pain really is just what it says on the tin .. a pain ! Being a human being myself I know from intensive personal experience that even small amounts of consistent discomfort in the body can take most of the fun out of our day, week and even year. There are those of us for […]