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Exercises For Pain Management – How Long Should You Keep Them Up ?

The health industry stats for long term compliance with rehabilitation exercise programs make for depressing but perhaps unsurprising reading. Less than 1% of people are still doing their prescribed exercises for chronic complaints after a year, some because they are slack but many because they simply didn’t realise that it was needed. If I reflect on my […]

Which Exercises Are Okay To Do If You Have Pain

There are so many frustrating ways that pain has to interrupt your ability to do the exercise you want and need. Many of us find that when we have back pain or hip pain certain lifting movements at the gym become a major trigger for episodes of pain. Niggly knee pain that comes in half […]

Stability Work – The Future of Fitness AND the Future of Pain Management

Body Building I trained as a fitness coach and sports therapist way back at the turn of the century. We were taught how to lift weights and the governing principle was ‘isolation’. The idea being that if you want to get greatest muscle development you really need to isolate and target each muscle as best […]