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Is Your Bursitis Trying To Tell You About Wear And Tear?

Introduction The most common symptoms of bursitis are pain and limitation of comfortable movement range. In many ways bursitis is very difficult to differentiate from tendonitis, muscle pain, fascial pain and joint pain. People with bursitis pain often complain of pain that is triggered by certain movements and certain positions that they assume in day […]

Whats The Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis Pain

INTRODUCTION  If you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain you will most likely show up looking like any other case needing treatment for plantar fasciitis pain. Under the surface though you will have a pattern of collagen degeneration, scar tissue build-up and muscle weaknesses that are unique to you! You will also have specific treatment […]

THE 3 Major Reasons For Knee Pain

Introduction Tissues that suffer from persistent and recurrent pain are tissues that are suffering. For many of us the stubborn little aches and pains we suffer in the first half of our lives are the warning signs of the wear and tear that becomes more serious as we get older. This can be particularly important […]

5 Reasons You May Not Need A Podiatrist To Prescribe Your Custom Orthotics

Podiatrists Are Not The Only Profession Who Understand Feet. Podiatrists have extended training in the anatomy and function of the foot. A podiatrist in order to qualify, must study extensively to receive a bachelor’s degree which can be done at Universities all over the developed world. Podiatry is an extremely well established profession, and rightly […]

Suction Cupping Myths

Myth 1 – Toxins  The most common cupping myth is the one where we are told it ‘draws toxins’ out of the tissue. The ‘pulling toxins’ to the skin explanation just smacks too much of an oversimplified answer to be legitimate. It is easy to assume that if a treatment is effective for say back […]