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The 5 Types Of Pain Part 4 – Disease Pain

You develop really bad back pain for the first time in your life. It’s a complete shock, because you’re in your mid 30’s and you’ve never been the type to have back problems, or pain problems in general. It feels a bit like there’s yet another thing going wrong with you, because you’ve been feeling […]

Which Are The Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis? 

Introduction There are plenty of important questions to be asked about the decision to use insoles for plantar fasciitis. For many the question is ‘should I use insoles for plantar fasciitis’? For others, ‘how flexible should my insoles for plantar fasciitis be’ is the burning question. ‘Should I wear my insoles for plantar fasciitis all […]

The 5 Types Of Pain – Part 2

Injury Pain Prefer to listen? Click below for Podcast; Injury pain is… wait for it, the pain we get when we injure ourselves. Sorry for being Captain Obvious. But the injury pain topic is potentially a lot more complex than you might think. There are two very distinct types of injury pain – and it’s […]

The Emotional Side Of Stubborn Pain

Pain & Feelings The suffering that underpins every stubborn pain is basically always the same. There is the pain of course, but along with that often comes feelings of frustration and even fear. Regardless of whether you have back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain or plantar fasciitis – the essential nature of the […]

3 Signs Your Feet Are Causing The Pain & 3 Things You Can Do About It. 

1# HIGH ARCHES or LOW ARCHES In the same way that our posture needs to be in a sweet spot (not too hunched – not too upright) – our arches are happier when they are not too high/not too low. A high arch is an unstable affair – that can easily cause foot pain / […]

The 5 Types Of Pain – Part 1

Biomechanical Pain  Prefer to listen? Podcast 1 : As you are probably aware, there is more than one type of musculoskeletal pain. Learning which you have is a vital step towards healing. Drawing out these distinctions can even be a make or break issue. If you have a pain that only requires a quick fix, understanding […]