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How Do You Cure Knee Pain?

How Do You Cure Knee Pain? The good thing about looking for a cure for your knee pain is that it means you have developed the right mindset around resolving your pain. The bad thing about looking for a cure is that the whole concept of a ‘cure for knee pain’ runs the risk of […]

What Is The Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis?

What Is The Best treatment For Plantar  fasciitis?  Plantar fasciitis is widely considered as being notoriously hard to treat, I see this fact reflected in the faces of those who come to my clinic for treatment on a daily basis. Most have been in search of the best treatment for plantar fasciitis for some time.  […]

Is Your Hip Pain Caused By Old Age?

Is Your Hip Pain Just Old Age? Being free of hip pain really boils down to quality of life. The type of quality of life that comes with being able to not only sleep, sit, stand and walk in comfort, but also lead a fully active life. The slightly scary truth is that we value […]

Why Do I Have Pain In The Middle of My Foot ?

Why Do I Have Pain in the Middle of My Foot ? If you have been asking the question ‘why do I have pain in the middle of my foot?’ the chances are you have developed some form of a repetitive strain injury in that foot. Repetitive strain in the middle of your foot can lead […]

Stretching Exercises For Plantar Fasciitis

Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis !  Virtually everyone  who comes to my office for treatment for plantar fasciitis  have tried stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis relief at one time or another. The frustrating thing for many of them however is that these stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis have either offered only partial, temporary or even […]