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3 Major Benefits To Wearing Custom Orthotics

Orthotics Intro Data from the US insinuates that we spend billions of dollars per year on orthotics. With this many people using orthotics there must be a range of benefits to their use, but what are the main ones? Well, there are a huge number of specific benefits that people report once they start wearing […]

What Is Causing My Neck Pain

Neck Pain Intro Neck pain is just that… a pain in the neck, not only on an individual level but on a societal level.  As a culture we suffer with neck pain in huge numbers. Here are some neck pain facts just to drive the point home… Neckpain  is far more likely to become chronic […]

5 Ways You Can Tell If You Need Custom Foot Orthotics Or Insoles For Your Pain

Pain & Orthotics Introduction One thing is for sure about custom orthotics, millions of people wear them and millions of people claim great benefits. Another thing that’s for sure is that hard surfaces like concrete that we live on are extremely hard, extremely flat and extremely unnatural. A third irrefutable observation we might make is […]

Is There More To Your Migraine Headaches Than Meets The Eye?

The Migraine Issue The estimated global prevalence of migraine is 14.7% (that’s around 1 in 7 people). Migraine is more common than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma put together. Migraine affects x3 as many women as men. Research implies that 3,000 migraine attacks occur every day every million people. There are estimated to be over 190,000 migraine attacks every […]