3 Signs Your Feet Are Causing The Pain & 3 Things You Can Do About It. 


In the same way that our posture needs to be in a sweet spot (not too hunched – not too upright) – our arches are happier when they are not too high/not too low.

A high arch is an unstable affair – that can easily cause foot pain / ankle pain / knee pain / hip pain / lower back pain.

Arches are part of the body’s shock absorbing system. 

A very low arch makes us like a car with bad shock absorbers – good suspension is useful when we live on hard modern floors. 

Poor shock absorption can contribute to back / hip / knee / ankle / foot pain in a big way!


Having a history of multiple pains  – injuries that heal slowly – recurring injuries –  in the lower back and legs is a sign of underlying biomechanical issues. Often with the feet. 

Having multiple / persistent / re-occurring / slow healing pain issues in our lower body means GET CHECKED OUT BIOMECHANICALLY! Just like sight failing means get the eyes checked!!!!


Try standing on 1 leg – even when we are 70+ there should be no wobble if all the joints and muscles are in good condition.

When we can’t stand steady on both legs it’s a big problem. It means we are not fully STABLE when we are standing / walking and running. (When we walk and run we are on 1 leg most of the time!!!!! ) 

Glutes not firing in combination with poor foot & ankle stability is the most common ‘combined cause’ of this serious issue. 

Instability can even lead to accelerated wear and tear if we aren’t careful. 



Custom orthotics replace the natural support our ancestors had when they walked bare foot on soft ground – their whole lives!!!!

If we have low arches – custom orthotics can provide extra shock absorption and take strain of our joints.

If we have high arches – custom orthotics can help increase the stability of our feet when we stand / walk / run.

At FPC – our custom orthotics are made of ultra ultra tough – super flexy space age nylon – they are made to survive pandemics, earthquakes and meteor strikes! 


Generic insoles do basically the same job as custom orthotics – just not quite as well. 

Generic insoles are an excellent option for people who have pain that relates to their feet  but who can’t afford fully custom orthotics. 

** double whammy is we are currently offering 2 pairs of insoles for the price of 1 at our clinic. 


Balance exercises done correctly and safely are a major part of the solution for most people with foot problems. 

Living on hard flat ground for a lifetime (as we do) means most of us don’t have healthy ‘tone’ in the muscles of our hips legs and feet.

Daily balance exercises tones the muscle that supports out feet – ankles – knees – hips – backs. We have completely lost count of the number of lives we have seen completely transformed by this knowledge!!!!

Those who want to learn correct balance exercises need look no further – we do tailored rehab programs for that exact purpose. Learning balance exercises that we can do at home is like learning to ‘catch our own fish’ !!!!

Whether our feet are causing our pain or some other movement issue – pain was not designed by Mother Nature to be ignored – or self diagnosed – or labelled as ‘just old age’.

We are supposed to listen to our bodies when they ‘talk’ to us and seek solutions! 

The reward we get for ‘listening’ is FREEDOM – to enjoy a happy normal life where we can stand / walk / sit / sleep / connect without pointless suffering. 

Suffering that serves no purpose other than to make us feel crappy and not enjoy our time!!!!! 

Well done if you made it to all the way to the end – that was long

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