Welcome to Featherston Street Pain Clinic- ‘Home of the Mobiliser’ 

What We Do

If you are just looking for pain relief we can help. If you are looking for answers and to better understand the causes of your pain we can often help with that too.

Being unable to meet your basic needs for sleeping, sitting, standing and moving comfortably because of pain can be frustrating at best and very scary at worst.  We believe the essence of being pain free is having the freedom to enjoy a normal healthy, active life.

We find that even much older people with advanced wear and tear can often experience dramatic changes in their quality of life with the right rehab and treatment.. let alone those of us who are younger and stronger.

We use a wide range of methods and tools to design treatment plans that give you the best possible chance of getting the win you are looking for.

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Whichever specific pain issue you’re currently facing, we’ll be more than glad to discuss the best way we can help you with it. Book an appointment with  us now!

Featherston Street Pain Clinic

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